Terms and Conditions

1.      The term ‘the client’ refers to the persons, business or liaison that initiated the video or media production request. The term ‘Adam Plowden Video’ is the production team, lead by Adam Plowden.

2.      By accepting the estimate production cost or package, the client agrees to the production going ahead, agrees to the following terms and conditions, and the production dates will be booked. Estimate production costings are valid for 7 days and are based upon the client requirements and deliverables, and current day rates. 

2.1      If a client wishes to update or change the production requirements or deliverables, a new estimate production costing will be produced.

2.2      Any discount or costing reduction is non-transferrable.

3.      The client accepts the 25% deposit required to secure the booking, payable within one week after the estimate production cost is agreed. This is non-refundable.

3.1      If the client wishes to 'pencil in' or 'book in' production dates, these will be held for the customer on the basis that the estimate production costing will be accepted. Adam Plowden Video regularly has multiple production requests on the same date, and work on a first come first serve basis. Therefore if a client wishes to cancel production dates that are 'penciled in' or 'booked in', a cancellation fee will be invoiced according to point 3.2 below.

3.2      The client accepts that a 50% cancellation fee will be applied under any circumstances that the client wishes to cancel a video production or filming date/dates, that have been agreed and booked into the production diary.

4.      The client understands that the provided costing is a quote with the requirements at that time, and does not represent the total cost of the full production, unless otherwise stated. Additional pre-production, production and post-production may be required or requested by the client to complete the production, to capture additional media, undertake further editing or animation. This is chargeable at the current daily rates. Any re-edits requested by the client is chargeable at the current daily editing rate.

5.      The client agrees that a production can be stopped completely at any time by the client or Adam Plowden Video within sufficient reason or timescale. Under these circumstances, payment and/or compensation will be discussed at the time by the relevant parties.

6.      The client agrees that unless a specific delivery deadline has been agreed prior to the production beginning, the delivery of the final media will be sent on the agreed delivery media when the production is complete.

7.      If requested, the original video and audio files can be provided at an additional cost at £5.00 per Gigabyte of data, excluding the cost of the memory media and delivery. This does not give the client ownership of the original video or media files (please see no.12).

8.      Adam Plowden Video has a responsibility to ensure the production is undertaken in a safe and lawful procedure. The ‘Pre-Production’ (PRE-P) included in the estimate production cost ensures all necessary requirements, risk assessments, call sheets and insurance are in place. This documentation is available for the client upon request.

9.      During the post-production, draft edits will be available for the client to review via a password protected video player. It is the client’s responsibility to inform Adam Plowden Video of any required changes/edits that can be made in the allocated editing timeframe (up to two small edits of sequences are allocated in post-production). The allocated editing timeframe is noted in the ‘Post-production’ (POST) section of the estimate production cost, where ‘Quantity’ indicates the number of allocated days of editing.

a.      If requested changes/edits are made outside of the allocated editing timeframe, this is chargeable at the current daily rate.

b. In the circumstance that a production goes unfinished after 6 months of the production starting, the client is held responsible for payment of any or all costs incurred, including the up to date post production cost.

10.  The standard delivery method for videos and media is via ‘digital delivery’, where the original video file can be downloaded securely by the client.

11.  If the client requests delivery via DVD/Blu-ray disk, USB drive, hard drive or another medium, this is chargeable for the delivery medium (DVD/Blu-ray disk and case, USB drive, hard drive), the time involved to burn or transfer data, and the associated postage and packaging cost if required.

12.  The recorded, captured or created RAW files, photos, graphics or animations are property of Adam Plowden Video. The client may request ownership and copyright of the original media at an additional cost.

13.  Adam Plowden Video holds the right to use any RAW or delivered video or media in showreels, on social media, websites, presentations and for advertising or promotion, unless copyright ownership has been agreed (please see no.12).

14.  Music licenses for tracks to accompany videos or media are not included in the estimate production cost, and are purchased from music libraries with permission of the artist or music licenser. Adam Plowden Video provides the client with a number of music choices to include in the video or media if requested.

15.  Deliverable video files are in the 1080p HD format, H.264 codec, unless the client has requested a different delivery format/codec. DVD/Blu-Ray disks are recorded onto in their native PAL or HDTV formats and codecs.

16.  Adam Plowden Video is fully insured by Towergate Camerasure, documentation is available upon request.

17.  Adam Plowden Video is compliant with GDPR as of 24th May 2018. Please view our Privacy Policy for further information.