Get In Focus

Get In Focus film, media and photography workshops for GCSE, A-Level and adult courses based in Epsom, Surrey.

Get In Focus Workshops

Practical photography, film and media workshops for students and adults!

With a growing need for practical experience in the creative industries, Get In Focus offers intensive workshops orientated around experiential learning, in a practical and creative environment. It allows free flowing knowledge and skills to be acquired.

The Programme

The programme is designed around a curriculum or project with staff and attendees for maximum flexibility, allowing participants to get the most out of the two or three days. It's adaptable to skill level, facilities and coursework, across two main subject areas. The workshops are aimed GCSE and A-Level students, up to adult courses, with a duration of two or three days.

Get In Focus Film, Media and Photography Workshops 1
Get In Focus Film, Media and Photography Workshops 1


Day 1 and 2: Fundamentals.


Challenging Practical Assignments.

Creative Expression & Experimenting.

Writing about Photography.

Digital Editing in Industry Standard Software.

Day 3 focuses on further photography techniques, advanced editing, and photography as a career.

Get In Focus Film, Media and Photography Workshops 2
Get In Focus Film, Media and Photography Workshops 1

Film & Media

Day 1 and 2: Fundamentals.

Telling A Story.


Basics of Lighting & Sound.

Make a Short Film.

Basics of Editing in Industry Standard Software.

Day 3 focuses on further lighting & sound, advanced editing & titles, and working in film & media.

GCSE Student Testimonial

"We learned advanced skills such as composition and setting up the camera, I enjoyed the workshop because it was easy to learn and we had a lot of practical time."


Affordable workshops = access for all students.

2 Day Workshop - £600.00*

3 Day Workshop - £850.00*

About Get In Focus And The Course Leader

The workshops empower and inspire those that participate by immersing them into a hands on, intensive environment. They are run by Adam Plowden, a filmmaker, photographer, and journalist with experience in many creative industries.

Adam was also a photography, art and enterprise practitioner for the National Citizen Service and was praised for inspiring the young people and teaching them valuable new skills.      (NCS is a summer skills and activity programme for 15-17 year olds).

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The recommend number of participants in one workshop is from 6 to 20, to get the most hands on experience. The price is based on schools or colleges having their own DSLR cameras, equipment and computers with software, but more equipment can be provided at an additional cost.

* Price does not include cameras for participants, editing computers or software.