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“In the darkening night, up in the mountains which host Kandersteg International Scout Centre, Adam Plowden had only 15 minutes to fly his drone above the campfire and snap this beautiful photograph.”

The above quote is taken from The Scouts  blog post .

The above quote is taken from The Scouts blog post.

During the Summer of 2018, over 500 Surrey Scouts visited the Kandersteg International Scouting Centre in Switzerland. Part of my role in the County media team was to document the trip and share the amazing experiences with the world.

Little did I know that the above photo would become so famous. It’s been used extensively by The Scouts as it embodies everything that Scouting is about; worldwide friendship, adventure and a sense of belonging.

The shot was captured using a drone.

I could see the camera downlink from the drone to my phone, which helped get it into position to capture some video footage. You can’t fly directly over the top of people for safety, which is why I composed it with the group slightly off centre, getting the tents and parts of the forest in there too. The drone itself can only fly for 15 minutes before you have to change the battery, which doesn’t give you a lot of time to fly, film and take photos! In the mountains it gets dark very quickly, so it was quite a challenge to get the drone to the right height, the right angle and in the right position – I was battling against the fading light and fast-moving cloud, which would quickly cover the drone.
— Adam Plowden

You can read the full article by The Scouts here.

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Capturing The Photo: DJI Mavic Air

The aerial photograph was captured using the DJI Mavic Air in HDR mode just as the sun set. The flood lights made the sea of red and surrounding forest glow out of the darkness.

Scout Monopoly Board Game

Scout monopoly board game

The photo resounded with The Scouts so much that it has been selected as an ‘Image Of The Year’ and has also been included on the first Scout Monopoly board game, which is on sale now in the Scout Shop.

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