United Nations Foundation Video Production at WEF 2019 Davos.

Video production for events is a must have tool for engaging with audiences across the world. This is how we produced 25 interviews and the Highlights Reel For The UN Foundation with a global audience.

The interview space at #SDGLive for the UN Foundation at WEF 2019, Davos.

The interview space at #SDGLive for the UN Foundation at WEF 2019, Davos.

Why Your Event Should Be Captured and Shared Through Video

Event filming and video production is the best way of sharing the information, messages and impact of your event with audience members across the globe both internally and externally. Video content is the most powerful form of communication, far surpassing text based publications. Videos and interviews immerse the audience into the event, and involve them in the conversations socially and online.

We would love to capture your event, and regularly travel around the UK and globally to produce the highest quality video content. Contact us to find out how we can help your event flourish through video.

We Plan The Video Coverage Together

Working with an organiztion based in Washington, U.S.A was an interesting but certainly not impossible task. We used Skype conferencing to discuss the schedule of the event, and what video content would be captured around it. In this case interviews with highly esteemed guests, presenters and panelists, beauty shots and additional content of the presentations to work into the after movie.

We arrived in Klosters Davos the day before the World Economic Forum kicked off, which gave us a chance to explore the beautiful mountains and duscuss the the intricate details of the video coverage and deliverable content.

The equipment had to be portable, compact and deliver beautiful images. To do this we used a combination of Sony mirrorless cameras and shot in 4K. This allowed extra detail to be captured, and so that interviews can be cropped in post production too.

Adam Plowden Video Filming Equipment

The interview audio was captured using a shotgun mic that was handheld by Rajesh. Occasionally the Sennheiser AVX system was used for a wireless solution.

Telling The Story; Beginning, Middle and End

By planning the video coverage in detail, we were able to establish the beginning, middle and end points for the highlights reel. There are many aspects to filming live events, and our key focus is ensuring that those who watch the video feel as though they were there. After capturing numerous events across the world, we have developed a unique formula to ensure that we tell the story of your event.

By using cinematic techniques, we establish the scene and key figures, introduce the location and use dialogue from presentations or piece to cameras to build the story and convey the key messages.

Same Day Video Editing; Bringing The Content To Your Audience

As well as live streaming, same day video editing is the perfect method of promoting and sharing the news and messages from your event to yield the greatest audience traction. For the UN Foundation, we shot interviews with numerous speakers and panelists as soon as their came off stage.

These interviews were captured in 4K, which is very useful for the editing which took place immediately after.

Adam Plowden Video Portable Editing Station

Clear planning and scheduling was required to ensure we had the correct names and titles for the lower thirds. Once the interviews were topped, tailed, cropped or re-positioned (using 4K), the titles, credits and graphics added after. The sequences were batch exported and ready for uploading to the UN Foundation platforms.

We were able to film, edit and deliver 25 interviews over the World Economic Forum event.

Producing The Highlights Reel

We began cutting the additional footage while the event was taking place. This was combined with the gimbal camera footage, presentation and panel footage, along with an audio soundtrack to build up the momentum, leading into the interviews.

During the post production process, the team at the UN Foundation were kept up to date with draft edits, providing feedback when needed. This process allows us to ensure the final deliverable media is exactly what the client needs. Unfortunately due to contractural rights, I’m not able to post the highlights reel yet! Below is the highlights reel from another UN Foundation event that we produced alongside 30+ same day edits.

Feedback and reactions from the UN Foundation and the audience

The team at the UN Foundation were over the moon with the deliverable videos. The interviews were published on the same day as the event, which enabled the team to share the content with audience members across the world. It was a success all round.

Are You Planning An Event?

If you have a business conference, award ceremony or presentation, you should definitely consider having video content as part of your plan. Not only to publicise the events content in the future, but to also expand the reach and impact of your business, organization, the messages and core information.

We’re able to assist in many aspects of the event filming and post production, so get in touch with us to talk more about your bespoke event video productions!

Extra Content!

We also took the DJI Mavic Air along to capture some of the stunning landscapes!