Long days..

It has been a succession of long days over the last couple of weeks.. After filming the John Sinclair 'Mohawk' documentary, I've been working and editing furiously to get it out the way for Christmas and to have enough time to play with my new toys (which I am going to get tomorrow from Park Cameras). It has been exhausting, but thank you very much John Harris (John Harris Wedding Films) for your awesome help in the work around! I usually edit in Premiere Pro, however after numerous problems with playback and rendering on my workstation I moved over to one of Johns editing suites. Still having problems, we attempted to export the XML file from Premiere to FCP, so see if the problem would remedy itself, however it did not.

The next day, John had synced the footage to the main audio recording using Red Giants Pluraleyes (GENIUS software), and imported the multi-cam to FCP, so I began editing in there. What a difference. I was unaccustomed to the interface, functions, workaround in FCP, so getting stumped happened occasionally. Safe to stay working in FCP did not put me off Premiere, in fact it made me appreciate it more!


Anyway, the video is finally finished thanks to the wonderful John Harris, ready for viewing and comments from Steve Fly, the commissioner of the video.

I am now in Devon filming for the weekend, more about that in the next blog post!