CamSmart 2014 Road Map

For those unaware, I have spent the last 18 months working with a photography and videography equipment company in China, called CamSmart! Many of you may have bought their DSLR Camera Rig from Amazon..

I am their European Rep, and product developer. I designed the professional camera rig that will be available to buy in February 2014, focusing on the different scenarios you will use a camera rig for, no matter what camera, location or type of shoot!

Michael is visiting England for the first time this week, with his wife Kaitlyn, we spent yesterday discussing the future plans for our products, marketing, advertisement and much much more, and topped it off with a wonderful meal in the Hilton.

I am ever more excited to receive the camera rig (which is currently on its journey from China to me), as it is the physical representation of the hard work and effort that has gone into 18 months of work. A product that I hope to share with every video producer that needs an alternative solution to a camera rig, at a fantastic price.